Extreme Denoising

Finally – a real challenge to try out my denoising chops!


The guys over at Madcast Media Network’s Game Fart had some technical issues, which resulted in capturing audio with a terribly high noise floor. Hear it for yourself:-

usual rules apply – wear good headphones for best results

(audio as delivered – just normalised)

This is well beyond ‘normal’ conditions for denoising – and it was made more difficult due to what looked like a gated LP filter that was automatically processed at time of recording (likely to be a prosumer product that was doing this for some basic noise suppression). The problem this created it was very tricky to find a slice of noise to set the profile for the spectrum filter. At first, I wasn’t hopeful of finding a slice of noise, but after trawling through nearly 2 hours of audio,  I found a half second slice where it looked like the gated filter simply failed to activate.

Next, commenced the very challenging job of applying the filtering. I used several passes at the audio having decided on a theoretical workflow to get the absolute maximum out of the denoiser, and being sure my noise profile was appropriately adjusted to match the reduced noise floor after each pass. After about 40 minutes of meticulous tuning I ended up with this:-

(denoised, HP filter at 80Hz, and normalised)


Not bad, eh?


This process was by no means finished – that’s just denoising and a HP filter;-

First, declipping (although typically it’s best practice to do this before denoising) – then some EQ’ing to take out some of the sharpness in his voice to leave it warm & nicely polished.

(denoised, filtered, EQ’d, and compressed)

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